Continuous Sculpture

Galerie Gilla Loercher – 7 septembre – 11 octobre 2019

The continuous sculpture is the thirty-centimeter elevation of orthogonal fabric that spans the entire area of the exhibit. One cannot go around the sculpture. It isn’t an unreachable enclosure. She isn’t a defined center in a given space. There isn’t one point of view or a succession of point of views favored by the place that hosts her. There is no distance or hierarchy. The continuous sculpture is a proposal on the positioning of the art and its apprehension. Her borders are the same as the space that hosts her, it is her foundation. It is a consistent pattern; and through her presence and her size and the rhythm she creates, she takes advantage of the configuration of the space in which she evolves. It invites ambling – the height of the fabric leads visitors to step over her. It constrains people to walk and to think about their path. By disrupting the visitors’ visit, the work needs to be apprehended as much as the space that welcomes it.